Sunday, 5 May 2013

"Don't marry a man unless you'd be proud to have a son exactly like him."

This blog post is taken from a post I made to my private blog
a little under a year ago. 
I came across this quote on Pinterest and it got me thinking...
would I be proud to have a son exactly like my man?

Hell to the yes!

 My man is...

He fought for our country. He put his life on the line to save others.
Instead of shooting bad guys on a video-game, he had the balls to
go out and actually do something that was life changing.
He is the bravest person I know and I am so proud of him.  
 Not deterred by pain or danger. I know that if I ever got into trouble,  
he would, without a second thought, do whatever he had to to save me.   

Thoughtful & Polite
I am treated like a Princess, constantly having my needs put before his own.
But it's more than that. He won't take any money off my Grandma when he does
her gardening for her, he always holds doors open for people (especially the elderly) and 
always lets the ladies go first. He has the upmost respect for women which is something
that society today lacks.   
Not just me, but those people who are closest to him, will never doubt whether they
are loved, because he makes it clear in his words and actions. 
I would be proud to have a son who was so respectful of his own Mother - who called her
sweetheart, and who dropped everything if she needed anything. 
I will never ask him if he loves me, because it's blindingly obvious.    
This is by far my favourite thing about my man.
Of course, I don't want a mature 1 year old son! But I would be proud for my 
son to grow into a mature adult. I am so glad I fell for a man and not a boy. The difference
is in the priorities. When we get married, I will have a husband, not a boyfriend with legal ties.
I will have someone who considers everything. He never lets our emotion overrule rational thought.
The amount of times we've talked about children, houses, weddings - but we always remind ourselves
to wait until the time is right, for many reasons. That's the sign of maturity - rational thought.       
 I have never known someone to be as clued up as my man.
He literally seems to know everything. When I say 'its not rocket science', he replies with
'no, rocket science is easier'. Revising for my exams, he knows the answers and helps
explain it to me in a way that I'll grasp. I cannot explain how clever this man is. Not only 
educationally, but personally. Through his life experience, he is definitely knowledgeable. 
It's like having Pinterest in a person. Want to cook something? He knows the recipe.  
Remove a stain? Ask him. It's super :) 
We always say we want a bilingual baby, so we decided to teach ourselves a language
and teach it to our children as we learn. We haven't quite decided which language yet though.   
 3 years later, and we still have things to talk about, stories to tell, and still find things out about
each other that we never knew. They may not be big things like when we first met, but they're all as important. 
It's also important to be able to hold a conversation. There's nothing worse than someone who starts talking and
you just tune out. He knows how to tune into his audience and keep a conversation flowing. He's definitely 
a people person.   
Intellectually stimulating
 We will pause our tv show so many times, often taking twice as long (at least) to watch it,
because he'll tell me something about what's on the tv and we'll go off on a tangent.
We bought a book of questions (types of ones you'd never bring up in normal convo)
which has entertained us so much. 
It's so important that I have someone who's on my level mentally. I love the challenge of
trying to outwit him (I never manage it!). I think from years of learning, I've developed a need
for intellectual, intelligent company!  
Man's Man
I cannot tell you how attractive this is to me.
So many guys these days are all about fake tans, chinos' and
vest tops, fashion, status and the like. Well forgive me for wanting a man
who is actually a MAN. The values of a man, the attitude of a man, and the decency of a man.
He won't take any nonsense from anyone. He will tell you what he thinks, say it as it is, because at the end 
of the day, how else do people learn if everyone sugar coats everything?  
 This can often be seen as negative, but I assure you, it's not always.
Being assertive is about expressing your wants, needs and preferences 
in a way that shows you're prepared to stand up for yourself, whilst still respecting the other person. 
I would be proud to have a son who says no to bullies, and isn't afraid to ask for something
he wants. How else do we get anywhere in life?   

  Well, who wouldn't want their babies to inherit dimples? :)